A Week of Adventure and Writing with Community Voices

Sonya Bernard-Hollins

KALAMAZOO/BATTLE CREEK (MICH.)- Twelve girls from Kalamazoo and Battle Creek will have the adventure of a lifetime while staying on the campus of Kalamazoo College.

The Tate-Stone Travel Writers Academy will allow girls interested in media to meet fascinating women in areas from law to aviation and learn what it takes to succeed! During their week-long assignment, they will be reporters for Community Voices, and will share their stories in the October magazine issue entitled, Girls Can!

The Tate-Stone Travel Writers Academy has received the support from businesses, organizations and individuals throughout West Michigan who want to assist in sharing the “possibilities” of life with girls ages 9-15. Sponsors such as the Lewis Walker Institute, Taylor Wilson Thompson Fund, Women’s Lifestyle Magazine, Barn Theater, and so many others gave of their funds and services to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences for these girls for FREE.

The academy is a collaborative project of the Ladies Library Association and the Black Arts and Cultural Center; both of which have strong ties in educating women and people of color. The Ladies Library Association was founded more than 160 years ago, and was the first women’s organization to purchase their own property. Their historic building is located at 333 S. Park Street in Kalamazoo, next to the Civic Theatre. The Black Arts and Cultural Center is nearly 30 years old and hosts the annual Black Arts Festival in Bronson Park.

Community Voices will share its expertise and experience in journalism to provide the girls with media experience while exposing them to new, exciting career options. Women in which the academy is named (Merze Tate and Lucinda Hinsdale Stone) were movers and shakers of the 19th and 20th centuries. Both women dedicated their time and funds to exposing students to the Unites States and the world abroad. The Merze Tate Travel Club was founded by myself in 2008. Students met twice a month at various locations to learn more about their community, state and states around them. Learn more about these women at: merzetate.com, or Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame site.

Stay tuned for updates and photos to come. And keep October Art Hop in your schedule to attend the awards reception and magazine unveiling of Girls Can! at the Ladies Library Association sponsored by The Links!

I’ll be in touch!

Sonya Bernard-Hollins, publisher
Community Voices
Founder-Merze Tate Travel Club

Sonya Bernard-Hollins

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