Community Voices Magazine Essay Contest

The Back-to-School issue of Community Voices will be released in July. As school is released for the summer, we are seeking ways to motivate all to learn more in life. The stories and articles featured in the July issue will share of topics which educate us all. From traditional schools to martial arts academies, this issue will encourage us all to learn more.


We areĀ  looking for those who have stories to share about a teacher who most influenced them. Please share of your favorite teacher with us in 250-500 words. The winning essay writer will win a $25 gift certificate and their story featured in Community Voices magazine!

Send essays to Community Voices by June 22 to:

Please include:

Your name:

Your current position: (career, educational status, etc.)

Favorite teacher’s name:

What grade/school this teacher taught:

Why this teacher is your favorite:

What this teacher’s influence/impact had on your life:

Feel free to send a photo of yourself and of your teacher if you have one!

Thanks, and I look forward to your inspiring stories!

Sonya Hollins, editor
Community Voices

Sonya Bernard-Hollins

Administrative account for the Community Voices website.